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Gluten = G, Crustaceans = C, Eggs = E, Fish = F, Molluscs = M, Soybeans = S, Peanuts = P, Nuts = N, Milk = MK, Celery = CY, Mustard = MD, Sesame Seeds = SS, Sulphites = SP, Lupin = L We can adapt allergens on our dishes, Please ask your waitress/waiter. 

V= Vegan Vg=Vegetarian





Durrowmills Organic Sourdough Toast, Butter and Jam/Marmalade 

+peanut butter (Harrys Nut Butter or Meridian Nut Butter)


Spelt Scone


Homemade Wholemeal Spelt Multi Seed Scone €2.50 (VG, MK, G)

+ Hummus .80c




Freshly Baked Banana, Walnut, Organic Hemp Protein Muffin (G, MK, E, N)


Pork and Chive Sausage Bap


(G, MK, E)

Black Pepper and Chive Pork Sausages, Homemade Tomato & Onion Relish, Organic Salad Leaves on a Floury Honey and Oat Bap


Homemade Organic Granola


(Vg, G, N)

Greek Yogurt, Honey,  Fruit Compote

Vegan Granola


Coconut Milk, Fruit Compote, Organic Coconut Shavings

(V) (G, N)

Poached Eggs, Organic Sourdough and Peanut Rayu €9.50

Free Range Poached Egg, Our Hummus or Pesto on Toasted Organic Sourdough, Peanut Rayu, Dukkah, Beetroot Powder, Greens

(V,G, E, N, D)

Smashed Avocado Toast €9

Toasted Sourdough, Smashed Avocado with Spring Onions and Lime, Pesto, Dukka, Peanut Rayu, Greens (V, Vg)(G, N, SS)



+ BBQ Pulled Pork €2.50, + Sausages €2.50 (G), + Falafel €2.50, + Hummus 1.50 (SS)

+ Poached Eggs €2.50 (E), + Feta Cubes €2.50



Organic Falafel

Fermented Seasonal Veggies, Harissa Sauce, Roast Sweet Potato, Organic Turmeric Organic Brown Rice, Bastion Bia Hummus, Organic Salad Leaves, Organic Sourdough Bread


(Vegan, Vegetarian, SS, G)

Bastion Bia Green Pesto Chicken
Sundried Tomatoes, Organic Salad Leaves, Fermented Red Onion, Toasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds, Organic Sourdough Bread 


(N, G)

Barbeque Pulled Pork

Fermented Red Onion, Slaw, Mature Cheddar Cheese, Organic Salad Leaves, Organic Sourdough Bread 


(D, G, SS)

(ALL SALADS ARE GLUTEN FREE, APART FROM THE BREAD ON THE SIDE , Please let us know so we can give you our Gluten Free Bread with your Salad)

Hot Dish:


Bastion Kitchen Hot Dish
Made with lots of fresh, local, organic, season ingredients

Some of our hot dishes we make are... Organic Red Lentil Dahl, Ribollita with Organic Canillini Beans, Moroccan Spiced Chickpea and Vegetable Tagine, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Coconut Curry, Spanish Style Potato and Chickpea Stew, all dishes are served with Turmeric Organic Brown Rice. Please send us to message us here online in the  "Lets Chat" box to ask what our hot dish is... 

Fresh Soup:


Bowl of Soup

with Toasted Multi-seed Spelt Scone


Bowl of Soup

with Organic Sourdough


Cup of Soup




Organic Falafel

Irish Spinach Wrap, Organic Falafels, Fermented Seasonal Veggies, Harissa Sauce, Roast Sweet Potato, Organic Turmeric and Black Pepper Organic Brown Rice, Pickled Red Onion, Bastion Bia Hummus, Organic Salad  


(SS, G)


Bastion Bia Green Pesto Chicken

Irish Spinach Wrap Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Organic Salad Leaves, Fermented Red Onion and Toasted Pumpkins and Sunflower Seeds


(N, G)


Barbeque Pulled Pork

Irish Spinach Wrap, Pickled Red Onion, Red Cabbage Slaw, Mature Cheddar Cheese, Organic Salad leaves


(SS, D, G)


*** Please let us know if you would like it toasted, just add note to the order.... 

 Add a Cup of Soup €3 Add bowl of Soup €4

 Add a Cup of our Hot Dish €4

Takeaway Deal Only:

Wrap plus a CUP of Soup OR Tea OR Coffee


Our Spinach Wraps contain Gluten, everything in the wrap is gluten free, please ask us to make up yours on gluten free bread instead, put a note on order for us, or give us a call with order. 


Organic Kilbeggan Oat Flapjack


(D, N, G)

GF Chocolate Brownie


(D, N, E)

Protein Ball - Turbo Treat



Salted Chocolate Quinoa Ball



Banana, Walnut and Hemp Protein Muffin


(G, MK, E, N)

Cake Special …Please ask!



We use Mc Cabes Coffee – hand roasted in Co. Wicklow by Stephen and his team!

We have all coffees available and we have alternative milks (Oat Milk, Soya Milk, Coconut Milk and Almond Milk). We have Turmeric Lattes, Machta Lattes, Chai Lattes, Herbal Teas, Decaf Coffee and Tea too.  


Meadowsweet Apriares-Fruit/Veg/Honey in Ballinahown. Audrey-Millhouse Organic Farm for Organic Salad leaves, Spinach and Organic Kale, Williamstown. Pat Lawlor, Kilbeggan Porridge, Porridge/Oats. Sourdough - Durrow Mills, Organic Spouted Soudough.  Lennons Fruit and Veg. Dooleys Fruit and Veg. An Grain Glas, Ballymore. Richmounts Cordial-Elderflower and Elderberry, Longford. Irish Independent Health Foods, Cork. Wholefoods. Pallas Foods Health Foods Section. KO Kombucha, Moate. Mc Cabes Coffee, Wicklow. Irish Beetroot Juice, Feighery Farm, Clara. MU Tonic (Jamu) West Cork. Fresh Juices, Wild Orchard Limerick. Greens Free Range Eggs, Rathowen, Westmeath. TCC Tradition Cheese Co., Cork, Irish Spinach Wraps, The Flat Bread Co. Simpli Bread, Tullamore, Offaly. 

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